Rick Rubin

Not everything is for everybody.

Creativity can just be in relationship with yourself.
No one else need be in the equation.

Quality over deadlines.

Time has less patience than it use to.

Share what excites you.

There’s a good time to impose a deadline. That time is not at the beginning of the process.

When receiving suggestions, you can also try the exact opposite and see what happens.

Think simple.

Aiming at greatness is different than aiming at being better than someone else.

Great art is timeless, and yet it’s a true expression of who the artist is in that moment.

You can’t control people’s interpretation. And why would you want to?

Recognizing what you do not know may be your greatest strength.

Take a first step and see where it leads. The direction isn’t important yet

No one teaches us how to deal with success.

Maybe the best idea is the one you’re going to come up with in the evening.

Nobody knows what anyone else is going to like.

Follow your excitement, not the audiences.

It’s impossible to predict how you’ll feel about a work of art tomorrow. All it really has to do is reflect this present moment in time.

Art without meaning is just decoration.
The art is in the idea.

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