Ahn Chang-ho

„Truth always has it’s followers and
Justice is always achieved oneday.“

진실은 반드시 따르는 자가 있고
정의는 반드시 이루은 날이 있다.

„It will hurt.
It will take time.
It will require dedication.
It will require willpower.
You will need to make healthy decisions.
It requires sacrifice.
You will need to push your body ro its max.
There will be temptation.
But, I promise you, when
you reach your goal, it’s worth it.“

„An organization without respect for the truth is like a body without blood, or a brick fence without mortar. An organization without sympathy and love for its principles, its members and its leaders will eventually fail no matter how rich or strong it is today.“

„Thinking there is no one with the right qualification to be a leader means the same as not understanding the principle of cooperation and not wanting to support the leader themselves.“

Koreas National Anthem

동해 물과 백두산이 마르고 닳도록,
하느님이 보우하사 우리나라 만세.

무궁화 삼천리 화려 강산,
대한 사람, 대한으로 길이 보전하세.

남산 위에 저 소나무 철갑을 두른 듯
바람서리 불변함은 우리 기상일세.


가을 하늘 공활한데 높고 구름 없이
밝은 달은 우리 가슴 일편단심일세.


이 기상과 이 맘으로 충성을 다하여
괴로우나 즐거우나 나라 사랑하세.



1st verse
Until that day when Mt. Baekdu is worn away and the East Sea’s waters run dry,
May God protect and preserve our country, long live.

Mugunghwa and three thousand ri full of splendid mountains and rivers;
Great Koreans, to the Great Korean way, always stay true.

2nd verse
As the pine atop Namsan Peak stands firm, unchanged through wind and frost,
as if wrapped in armour, so shall our resilient spirit.


3rd verse
The autumn skies are void and vast, high and cloudless;
the bright moon is like our heart, undivided and true.


4th verse
With this spirit and this mind, let us give all loyalty,
in suffering or joy, to love our nation.


(Quelle: Aegukga Wikipedia)

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